We are the UK authorised official representative of Eyup Sabri Tuncer 1923 which is the Century old Turkish fragrance brand established almost 100 years ago.

Their first product;- Lemon Cologne, had spread all over the country, from a small plant established in Ankara a leader in this indispensable tradition, where I was born and grew up. My mother used to take me to her work in Ulus;-City Centre at the time and I used to sneak out to go and splash myself with EST’s lemon cologne and I LOVED IT!

 What I love about EST1923 is; it has been the leader of a tradition all cologne that has remained unchanged from the past until the present; Turkey’s classic lemon cologne expanded to 10 different cologne fragrances and also 25 Eau de cologne fragrances under their own brand.

Top selling Rose Water essence cleanser & toner sell over 10 million bottles annually, uses damask roses grown on its own farm in the Lake District of Isparta Turkey. Every 5 months early in the morning flower farmers harvest the rose within an hour to ensure that the hydration is retained the maximum, this is an important part of the process and it’s never compromised. Damask roses contain 300 beauty enhancing substances as well as 18 amino acids & trace elements needed by the body.

I am very proud of being the part of Eyup Sabri Tuncer heritage with its high-quality, competitively priced products and, their sensitive approach to health care, the environment and no animal-testing policy.

Our aim & philosophy when we started the business-almost a year ago to provide personal customer service and introducing this beautiful Turkish tradition into the UK market. We love all the products and stand behind the EST 1923 quality, we hope you enjoy it, too.

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